FREE: ROSA’S CONFESSIONS (Erotic Romance Series)

ken ross author
When Rosa’s partner cheats on her, the innocence of her past existence quickly disappears. She sets out to discover what it’s like to be unfaithful and what delights she’s missed out on during her two-year relationship with her partner. And oh, how life changes when she meets Tracey Cummings. She descends into a world of sexual depravity and her personality and desires alter with each step of her progress. From her beginnings in Superfluous to her steamy adventures in Partial Absolution, Happiness Regained, Lizzie, and Moira’s Sacrifice, Rosa barely stops for breath. Will she ever return to a normal life? – not while there’s folk about who are willing to satisfy her, especially pretty girls. Free to $2.99 on Kindle

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