First Flight (Federal Space Book 1)

First Flight (Federal Space Book 1)

It was a nice simple war. Just the Earth Federation and the League of Sovereign Systems fighting for the third time over who would be the supreme power in settled space, and who would have to exist in the victor’s shadow. Then the Ascendency showed up and ruined everything. One moment, Flight Lieutenant Mason Grey was a fighter pilot of the Federal Space Forces about to strike a League base located on a dwarf planet in an uninhabited system. The next, unknown starships showed up, blew his carrier to hell, killed his squadron, shot down his fighter, and left him stranded amid the ruins of the very base he had come to attack. With nothing but a spacesuit and a dwindling life support system, Mason was in way, way over his head. And that was just the start of his problems. $0.99 on Kindle.

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