To Be Lovely, Be In Love!

To Be Lovely, Be In Love!
If life’s left you on a cold slab in love’s mortuary, your problem is simple: you’ve lost the art of being lovely. The cure? Atlanta society matron Constance Fontanne’s landmark first book on love, looks, and marriage. Miss Fontanne shows you how to jump back into your bowl of cherries and stop living the life of the ho-hum and hum-drum. To buttress her advice, Miss Fontanne references personal friends from her country club who have become lovely by being in love with singing monks, television repairmen, and old frat boys.

Even if you live in Lunch Pail, USA and you’ve mentally divorced your man for psychic nonsupport, take heart! Forget about matching your handbag and accessories! Constance Fontanne promises to change your attitude, fashion, and personality with her graduate studies in being lovely by being in love! $0.99 on Kindle.

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