Free: Piercing The Future: Prophecy and The New Millennium

Piercing The Future: Prophecy and The New Millennium

What does the new millennium hold for planet earth? Your future has been foretold thousands of years in advance. There is, however, only one source to be relied on as one-hundred percent accurate in foretelling things to come.

Piercing the Future examines that source and its many predictions while we move into and through this most exciting time in human history.

Will there be war or peace? Will there be prosperity or depression? Can you know your future and the futures of those you love? Your future and your money. Your future and technology. Your future and religion. Your future living conditions. Your ultimate destiny foretold.

Nineteen authorities in the field carefully examine prophecies: past, present and future, and how those will most likely impact your life. They help you pierce the future to gain a thought-provoking comprehension about what lies ahead for you and those you love in this dawning millennium and beyond. Free on Kindle.

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