Curse of the Lord of Darkness

Curse of the Lord of Darkness

Victoria’s greedy uncle wants her dead.

She’s forced to flee her family home.

Seeking refuge at an isolated mansion, she discovers the family friend has died.

His heir, a brooding, Byronic man, has no time for the persistent stranger on his doorstep.

But, as a gentleman, he grudgingly consents to let her stay for the night, with one condition: She must not leave her bedroom, no matter what happens.

What are the cries she hears that night? What is her host hiding?

Every night, he’s forced to suffer for an ancestor’s debauchery. His body tortured and his spirit decimated, he can’t let her discover his secret.

In the style of Victoria Holt, this fast-paced Victorian paranormal is filled with mystery, suspense and everlasting romance.

Fancy a feisty heroine and love an unsettling, secretive hero? This book has them both.

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