Streaming Sarah

Streaming Sarah

Elaborately plotted and addictive paranormal detective novel.

An edge of your seat, thought-provoking, psychological thriller with a fantastic blend of detective mystery and a parallel world. A must-read for fans of Fringe and Ghost Whisperer.

On her wedding day, homicide detective Katie Hanson attempts suicide. Her failed suicide causes her to slip into a coma. For days she observes a different life unfold. A world in which her identical twin brother and mom were still alive. When she wakes from the coma, she realizes the gate to the spirit world remained open… wide open. Now Katie hears voices, sees things that are not there—the murder victims of her Department’s cold cases are tormenting her.

Katie finds that she can see through dimensions into a parallel world. Katie receives unexpected help with her current case from the doppelgänger she collided with during her coma.

She investigates the circumstances of her cold-case, the death of Sarah Alexander, and her two children. With the aid of her doppelgänger P-Kate, she learns to stream Sarah’s consciousness, her memories, her very soul.

Believing Sarah, she makes decisions that take her down a misguided path. She arrests Sarah’s husband. Hints from P-Kate tell her he is not her guy. It turns out nothing about the investigation is clear-cut. A dead person’s memory of the events can be as flawed as the living. The testimony does not match the evidence. She wants to believe Sarah, but the evidence doesn’t support the account.

To make matters worse, P-Kate can’t interfere beyond giving signs and symbols for Katie to intuit. Between the confusing symbols and the faulty recollection, she digs deeper and uncovers a secret even Sarah didn’t know. Katie risks her life to prove to Sarah, her version of the murder couldn’t be further from the truth.

If Sarah refuses to admit the devastating truth of who massacred her and her children, the killings will continue. To accept the truth, Sarah will have to acknowledge that she has been living a lie, and something even darker: She is the reason someone murdered her children. $2.99 on Kindle.

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