Ride Through Disaster

Ride Through Disaster
Van isn’t happy to be spending the summer before senior year in New York with his emotionally absent mother. He’d planned to prospect in his father’s MC so he’d be eligible to become a full member as soon as he turns eighteen, but his mother’s canceled vacation shot that plan to hell.

Quinn is as normal as normal can be. Nothing makes her stand out from the crowd unless you count her pale skin turning beet red any time she’s in the sun or feels the slightest bit embarrassed. When she finds out Van is staying in her building for the summer she can’t help the flutter in her stomach. But, Quinn knows Van isn’t the kind of guy to look at a plain girl that’s a little bigger than society considers attractive. She’ll just have to admire him from afar and hope he doesn’t fall for someone else and end up having to watch someone else enjoy the things she can’t have.

When the power goes off all over the United States and people start to panic because it probably isn’t going to be restored, being in New York for the summer becomes an even bigger problem for Van than before. Realizing survival in the city isn’t going to be easy or safe, Van makes the decision to head for home. With as much as he can carry in his mother’s SUV, Van and Quinn set out on a 1,500-mile journey filled with unknown and unseen dangers. How is it when the world is falling down around him, Quinn, a girl he never expected, is building him up into the kind of man he always knew he needed to be?

Contains sexual situations. Reader beware. Triggers possible. $2.99 on Kindle.

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