What’s Your Can? 11 Strategies for Living a Spectacular Life with a Chronic Condition

A year has passed, and the story continues to unfold as the author continues her transformation from “living with a chronic condition” to “being on an expedition that keeps me believing in others and in myself.”

Regardless of what it is or how long you have had one, a chronic condition alters your life in many ways. When every action requires thought and planning, giving up sounds like a good option.

There are solutions! What’s Your Can? is author Maribeth Slovasky’s story of her 40-year journey with a chronic condition. She takes you through the progression of her illness, sharing how her struggles nearly incited her yearning to resign herself to life with restrictions and constant concern regarding her wellbeing.

She didn’t quit. Even more so, a surreal experience in Tacoma, Washington, presented Maribeth with a choice; become who you want to be or live behind the black wall, alone, declining, and unhappy.

Follow Ms. Slovasky’s journey as she revives her passion for writing. After meeting new friends and learning to trust again, she embarks on an expedition to become physically and emotionally healthier than she thought possible.

This book is designed for those readers who struggle with a chronic or long-lasting condition and are ready to live the life they deserve. Her 11 lessons are practical, fun, and thought-provoking ideas to give even the long term sufferer the belief they have been seeking.

Family, caregivers, and friends: this book will help you learn along with your loved one, finding new ways to be mindful, calm, and positive, even in your own life. $0.99 on Kindle.

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