The Twin Sisters Fears

The Twin Sisters Fears

Laurel screeched for her twin sister, hopping from foot to foot as she weighed the content of the mail in her hand, daring not to open it yet, or even breathe well. They had been waiting for this particular mail for two weeks, and everyday had gone by in slow, agonizing torture as they waited. The thing about waiting for a long time is that it gives you the time to think about several things, and not all of them are pleasant. But, Jessica and Laurel had somehow found a way to balance out their thoughts this time, compared to the other times they have been through this. There was just something about this that felt different to them. They just knew this was it, and if the weight of the package Laurel held was any indication, then the universe agrees with them as well.

“Oh my God! It’s here?” Jessica screamed, bounding down the stairs in twos. She almost tripped, but with the elegance of a dancer, she was able to hold herself up at the last minute, using her slim hands to grab the bannister and then flip herself to the other side, landing in the living room in one swift, elegant motion.

“Yes! Yes!! What took you so long?!” Laurel demanded, slightly irritated to have waited for even a second longer.

“I had a face mask on, sorry.” Jessica responded, sounding slightly out of breath. Laurel knew that her panting was not as a result of the run down the stairs or even the flip – her sister is as fit as a fiddle. It was a result of her anxiety. She felt the same way too.

“Ready?” Jessica asked, and Laurel nodded. She opened the parcel slowly…$0.99 on Kindle.

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