Free: Roy Tabby: The Hero Without A Cool Name

Roy Tabby: The Hero Without A Cool Name
Meet the world’s next greatest hero Roy Tabby! Yeah…he doesn’t have a cool name yet.

Roy tabby’s life is slowly going down the drain as drinking whiskey until he falls asleep has become a daily routine for him. Nothing is going his way, nor does he feel like he has a purpose in life. But then, on a rainy and chilly night, his life is about to be changed for good as he all of a sudden is been giving special powers that make him able to change everything in anything he wants! With his new obtained powers, there is no doubt in his mind that his purpose is to become the greatest hero the world has ever seen and that is life is going to be fantastic from now on! But as per usual, with those special powers also come great dangers. Especially when there is an immortal warrior out there that is looking to end Roy’s journey as soon as possible! Free on Kindle.

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