Love Left Unsaid

Love Left Unsaid
How long can one’s love go unrequited before they give up?

How can one see such love when those words go unsaid?

Another Fall passed, another relationship failed. Year after year Matthew has watched the love of his life Rachel Nelson hurt herself with her false-loves. And year after year it is he that she calls out to heal her so she can move on, but this time his presence isn’t fading so quickly. This time her hand lingers upon his for those few precious moments longer. Is his dream finally coming true, he asks himself, or have his hopes been drawn out for so long that he’s become delusional for her mirrored love?

Rachel’s latest relationship lays shattered around her, yet the pain hasn’t followed, not like it used to. Wherever a memory of pain creeps up there is a sincere smile from her Matty or a sarcastic remark to ease such worries. Was there always a beauty of amber within his eyes, she wonders to herself as their locked gazes stretched longer these days. Feelings of romance or just endearing friendship? She never considered, why not both? $2.99 on Kindle
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