Free: A Fate Unwound Too Soon

A Fate Unwound too Soon
This is a book of photography and poems, of images that convey to the readers the experience of being the too early born and of being the loved one or caretaker of the micro preemie. I wrote the poems included in order to share what I felt and learned as a caretaker of the tiniest of premature babies. One thread has run through the whole of my experience in the NICU: the rise of the unheralded sympathy that is native to all things.

What I expect to see in the intensive care setting is the most noble form of compassion, the love of parent for child, but what I witness is much more: the acts of kindness between strangers. At the center of this giving, I always find the too early born babe, the angel who brings with it the knowledge and revelation that initiates the rise of sympathy that is expressed as compassion. Free on Kindle.

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