Billionaire Daddy: A Single Dad Romance

Billionaire Daddy: A Single Dad Romance
We never spoke to each other even we were living in the same house and he was my f*cking boss.

I could see that he was reserved but he walked with a quiet strength.
He was arrogant at times.
I didn’t know what his story was and I was not there for that.
I was there for Carter and we had a wonderful time together.
My thoughts of trying to figure Duncan out weren’t going to ruin it.

I could feel he was staring at me at the dinner table.
Was there something dirty running through his mind?
That was wishful thinking, but a girl could dream.
He can get any girl he wanted.
I felt nervous and uncomfortable when he was around.
Looking into his eyes made my heart shrink.

Helping him while he was drunk that night was a mistake.
I fought it but that night I gave into the attraction.
His physique was hungry for me. I want to feel his hidden lust.
His body and tone of voice were addictive. I was hooked.
One touch was all that it took. One touch and I was his.

What will happen after? Will he forget everything about that night?
Will he be able to understand which unspoken? Could I walk away from this stunning man? $0.99 on Kindle.
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