Billionaire’s Bet

Billionaire's Bet
For Gary Walters, leaving his small town—and abusive home life—for the big city seemed like a sure bet. And for a little while, making billions was even worth the cost of leaving his sweetheart behind.

Now, ten years later, even Gary’s friends can see his money has bought him an empty life—and bed. To prove them wrong, Gary gambles that he can get the mysteriously familiar beauty across the bar to go home with him that night. He’s only half sure the small-town woman he loved will take him back…

Tiffany Blake already made a mistake once trusting Gary Walters. Last time, she thought he also felt their romance reached deeper than great sex. This time, as their paths cross again, Tiffany is wiser. As Gary approaches her for help, she agrees on one condition: she pockets the one grand that’s on the line. It’ll take more than their sizzling chemistry to wager her heart again.

Being back with Tiffany reawakens Gary’s craving for connection and begins to melt the icy barriers he’s put up. But it’s not long before their fling means Gary will have to finally confront the past he hoped to escape.

When Gary and Tiffany find the flaming attraction between them aching to burn forever, they’ll have to make a choice:

Take a chance on love—or risk losing each other all over again. $0.99 on Kindle.
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