The Masonic Manuscript

The Masonic Manuscript
The Freemasons are in trouble. And once more, Sara Walsh, hero of The Templar Succession, is on the case.

Pennsylvania: A powerful Mason is murdered. And a statue of Benjamin Franklin containing a dark secret is destroyed.

Calgary: At the foot of the Canadian Rockies lies The Compound, an exclusive Masonic Resort. There, buried under a mountain is the Masonic Museum, home to the Lodge’s best-kept secrets. From the Museum, a very old, secretive Manuscript which could destroy the Lodge goes Missing.

With nowhere else to turn, Sara Walsh, the world’s foremost Masonic historian is asked to connect these events and find the Manuscript.

Chasing a trail of symbols from museums and libraries to a cemetery and finally to the depths of the Susquehanna River, Walsh finds herself questioning everything she’d ever believed about the Lodge. And she finds herself faced with a vengeful enemy, more dangerous than anything she’s ever encountered before. $0.99 on Kindle.
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