People of the Book Part One: Masada Scroll

People of the Book Part One: Masada Scroll
In the great tradition of classic novels like The Robe by Lloyd C. Douglas and, more recently, Christ the Lord by Anne Rice and Stone Tables by Orson Scott Card, The Masada Scroll is bold and reverent, with deep and important meaning for today’s world.

At the core of this timely narrative lies the revelation of a previously undiscovered gospel predating the four New Testament gospels. The ancient scroll introduces a mysterious symbol fusing the Star of David, the Christian Cross, and the Crescent and Star of Islam, symbols that didn’t exist during the gospel’s writing, adding to the mystery that the Irish priest, Michael Flannery, must unravel.

Flannery soon discovers that the symbol embodies the concept of Trevia Dei, or the Three Paths to God. At its heart lies Jesus’s message of unity among these paths to reach God. Over the centuries, the true essence of Trevia Dei became distorted, reducing the message of unity to a single path to salvation. However, there are those who seek to obstruct the transmission of this illuminating message of love and light to our troubled world, opting for division rather than unity among God’s children. $0.99 on Kindle.
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