The Iron Fists

The Iron Fists

All Harley wants is to keep her sister safe and make enough money to move out from under the thumb of their sadistic landlady. It’s been two years since she escaped the influence of the local gangs, and the last thing she needs now is to attract their attention again.

But when a newcomer arrives in her small town on the edge of the wastelands, bringing dark secrets with him, Harley finds herself inexorably drawn back into the web of the Iron Fists. With the balance of power shifting in the town, and violence spilling over into the streets, Harley’s wits and cunning may not be enough to keep going as she has been. But who can she trust?

Ellery, the man who helped her escape the gangs the first time?

Or Bas, the enigmatic new member who seems to push all of her buttons?

And when push comes to shove, will either of them believe her? Or will they only see the same thing that everyone else sees a woman struggling to escape her past as an erotic dancer?

One thing is for sure; if she doesn’t take control of her own life, then someone else will do it for her. And Harley stands to lose something much more valuable than her life: her freedom.

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