The Huskarl

The Huskarl
In the rugged lands of the North, Brynja, the fiery daughter of Chieftain Brandr, finds herself in the protective shadow of Balder, her newly appointed huskarl. While her world demands obedience to tradition and alliances are sought through marriages of convenience, Brynja yearns for a life fueled by passion and her own choices. As they journey to the reclusive village of Steinnhaugr for a potential match with the enigmatic Harald, secrets and suppressed desires ignite between Brynja and Balder. In a whirlwind of forbidden passion, political intrigue, and the unyielding call of destiny, the two find themselves on an exhilarating voyage to uncharted territories, both in love and adventure. Dive into a tale where love defies conventions, honor battles desire, and the whispers of the northern wind beckon to the heart’s deepest yearnings. $0.99 on Kindle.
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