CDL Study and Exam Guide Prep

CDL Study and Exam Guide Prep
The Genius Exam Coaches Review team presents this CDL Study and Exam Prep Guide. This book ensures you acquire your commercial driver’s license with ease, providing you confidence with this easy-to-follow study and exam guide.

CDL Study and Exam Prep Guide come with the complete package of:

• Instructions and general information on acquiring your license
• How to drive safely
• What to do during emergencies
• What to do when transporting cargo and passengers,
• How to park
• Information on safety and road protocols
• Introduction to road signs and;
• How to prepare for the CDL, complete with a practice test and exercises to help you review and test your knowledge.

CDL Study and Exam Prep Guide is designed to help you pass and excel in the CDL Exam 2022-2023. Get rid of the anxiety and boost your confidence; guarantee your license by choosing The Genius Exam Coaches’ CDL Study and Exam Prep Guide. $2.99 on Kindle.
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