The GrimFaerie Chronicles

The GrimFaerie Chronicles

Not all of the Faerie are sweet little Pixies. There are a few who do the dirty work on the side of the Light. Unknown protectors walk among us, gleefully using fang and claw and magick, leaving a bloody trail of vanquished evildoers in their wake. They are the GrimFaeries. If you are evil enough to try to tip the balance towards the Dark side, you might just get a visit from one. And they won’t be leaving a coin under your pillow.

With the help of a two-gun totin’ Texas witch, a detective with magickal powers, and a billionaire who also happens to be werewolf royalty, Kane the Grim deals with the evil supernatural underbelly of Houston, Texas. He keeps the peace in an ugly way…and enjoys every minute of it. $0.99 to 2.99 on Kindle.


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