The Tannion Series

The Tannion Series

The series follows the character Jim Tannion. After being hit by lightning, Tannion finds that he can control his body at the cellular level. He can heal injuries and illness and maybe even defy death. Then he finds he can do the same to others through a quick touch.

Tannion can cure anything from colds to terminal illnesses with a simple touch and then he learns that he can kill. He quickly realizes he can’t go around and touch every one who needs to be healed and he also knows, he would end up as a specimen himself if anyone ever found out about his skill. He wants to use his new found skill and although he doesn’t think of himself as a superhero, he wants to help others. This doesn’t go as well as he thought it would and only leads him into the type of trouble he had always tried to avoid. Trouble that leads him across the country, making very unusual friends and enemies. Sometimes he couldn’t tell them apart.

Readers should read the first book in the series, but then they can jump to any of the other books without being concerned with reading them in order. There are no hanging endings as each book is its own story from beginning to end with some characters continuing.

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