Folding eReaders and eInk pens: The future of eReaders

What will tomorrow ereaders look like?

There have been plenty of rumors and hopeful predictions alike regarding the technological possibilities that the next big eReader might offer. Of these tentative speculations, two features in particular have been gaining traction: the ability for users to take handwritten notes with a pen that writes on eink and a folding ereader that makes your device more portable.

eInk Pen for notetaking and highlighting

eReaders typically offer limited options for those of us who like to jot down notes or highlight passages as we read. For instance, Kindle devices offer a way to type in notes using the keyboard functionality, but users have been wanting something that allows them to write directly on the screen. According to Matthew Wille of, the E Ink Corporation has been developing a prototype that allows readers to do just that. Equipped with a stylus, you’ll be able to “highlight passages, take hand-written notes, and generally scribble all over your book to your heart’s content, without the pesky pen bleedthrough to worry about.”

Foldable eReaders

The E Ink Corporation has also been testing the waters with a folding eReader prototype that, so far, isn’t quite ready for the market. Although Amazon has been rumored to be developing a folding Kindle device of their own, E Ink has been the only eReader developer that has officially announced that they’re in the process of perfecting the foldable tablet.

The concept of folding an eBook closed just like you would do with a physical book is intriguing, but the company needs to work on reducing the bulky mechanics and reinforcing the screens before introducing it to the general market. As Wille states, “It still needs some work before it’s ready for market adoption — but it’s exciting nonetheless and, perhaps, a look at where e-readers can go from here.”

Amazon and the folding Kindle

While Amazon has not yet announced a folding Kindle ereader, we feel that they will likely offer one by 2023 or sooner.  Which will fold first? The Paperwhite or the Oasis? We think the new folding Kindle will be named the Kindle Fold, and it will contain the built-in light feature, but it might not be waterproof. For now, you will have to make do with a non-folding device. And there’s plenty to choose from.

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