Galactic Express
If the simulation isn’t perfect…the virus will escape.

Sali Halzey lives to upgrade her body with cybernetic parts. She wouldn’t have stolen the latest bionic if she knew it was infected with a virus. Now she’s being punished in a virtual reality world, her brain plugged into a government experiment designed to rehabilitate criminals.

The passengers on the Galactic Express think they’re exploring an alien planet. How are they supposed to know the digital life forms they encounter were never supposed to develop a mind of their own?

Behind the scenes, government agents frantically navigate a hilariously incompetent bureaucracy as they struggle to contain the virus. They’re no match for a program that can rewrite its own source code though, exponentially increasing its own intelligence as it takes over the simulation, and if it escapes, the entire world.

Everything is spiraling out of control. No one is safe, least of all Sali and the other prisoners who face execution in the desperate bid to shut the simulation down.

Interstellar exploration, cyborgs, alien encounters, and artificial intelligence explode from every page.

An irreverent, outrageous, and thought provoking space adventure awaits. $0.99 on Kindle

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