How to Change the Country, Language, or Accent on Your Amazon Echo

If you’re looking to improve the country, language or voice of your Amazon Echo, look no further! This guide will show you how simple it is to update your device’s location, change its default language, and even select a different accent for Alexa. Let’s get started!

How to Change the Country or Location on Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo country changeWhen the Amazon Echo was first released, the only locations available were for the US or the UK. If you lived outside these regions, you wouldn’t be able to get localized results when asking questions like, “What is the weather like today?”

Luckily, users today can set the location of their device pretty much anywhere around the globe to get accurate search results and relevant local alerts. Here’s how you can update your device’s country:

* Log in to the Amazon Alexa website or the Alexa mobile app.
* Go to Settings, and select your Alexa device.
* Scroll down to Location and hit Edit.
* Choose your country from the New Countries list at the top of the page.

To save your device location, simply go back into your Settings, hit Device Location, enter your address, and click Save.

How to Select a Different Language for Alexa

Alexa currently supports 7 different languages for users to choose from: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazilian), and Spanish. If you would like to change the default language of your Echo, follow these simple steps:

* Open the Alexa mobile app.
* Click on the Settings menu.
* Select the device you would like to edit.
* Click on Language.
* Scroll through the menu until you see the language you want.
* Click “Save Changes”.

If you’re multilingual, Alexa is also capable of speaking and “switching” between different languages in the US, India, and Canada. English and Spanish are supported in the US, India supports Indian, English, and Hindi, and Canada supports Canadian English and French.

How to Change Alexa’s Accent

Although it can be fun to change the accent or dialect of your Alexa Echo, bear in mind that it will require you to speak in a similar style for ease of communication. If you’re OK with practicing your British or Australian accent whenever you interact with your device, here’s how you can update Alexa’s accent:

* Open the app and click on Settings.
* Hit Devices and select the one you’d like to change.
* Scroll down to Language and click on the one you want to switch to.

If you’re an English speaker, you can choose among several regional accents from the UK, US, India, Australia, and more. Be on the lookout for more Alexa features coming out in 2020!


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