Sweet Love and Bloodthirst: A Normal Life

Sweet Love and Bloodthirst: A Normal Life
A familiar face has returned to take back what’s his and he isn’t stopping until he gets it!

Bryan and Lisa have been torn apart by The Vampire Court and things aren’t looking good. Bryan has completely isolated himself from the rest of the world and Lisa tries her very best to survive in prison. But after many years, when Lisa finally gets released from prison, the future starts to look bright again. But a familiar face who has miraculously returned is determined to ruin, and destroy what Bryan and Lisa have and to take back what he thinks belongs to him! Will Bryan and Lisa’s relationship survive? Are they going to end the problem that they face once and for all and finally have the future they always fought so hard for? Or will their future shatter into a million pieces and be ruined for good? $0.99 on Kindle.
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