Free: A Priceless Gift She Brings

A Priceless Gift She Brings: An Alternative History
Golden Feather is from that other timeline where America never existed, and the native inhabitants rule the land. At the age of thirteen, in the year 1980, she encounters Hathaway from our timeline who is stranded in hers. In the span of five years, he builds a flying machine, and she becomes the first female aviator of the world, enjoying fame and riches. She’s fearless, vivacious, and beautiful all in one. But her destiny is yet to be fulfilled. Hathaway has told her about the modern marvels of our timeline, and she arrives in America in 1985 bringing wisdom, laughter, and song. But most importantly, she brings a priceless gift that will change the course of history. We hope she will stay forever. Free on Kindle.
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