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Zeus to Infinity


A Galactic Era Thrill Ride!

Zeus to Infinity is a space opera mystery with a healthy dose of action, adventure and romance.

5-Star Review by The Book Commentary:
In this science fiction action thriller, Braylyn goes missing. She is Anders’ wife, and the moment she fails to show up for the lunch date and their anniversary dinner, Anders knows something is wrong. She has gone for far too long without her wrist communicator active. Things get complicated when she becomes a prime suspect in a case of embezzlement. Can Anders trust the police in Zeus Station Sirius? The last three years have been the happiest of his life and his plan to take their marriage to the next level has been underway, but now his wife is not only missing but accused of a terrible crime. Anders doesn’t believe that Braylyn is involved in embezzlement. He is certain she has been kidnapped and framed and there is only one way to prove it — take the case into his own hands and uncover the truth about his wife’s disappearance. Follow him on this rollicking adventure that pits him against powerful forces and against everything he thought he knew about his wife.

Zeus to Infinity – A Galactic Thriller by Rodzil LaBraun is a finely wrought science fiction with an irresistible appeal to fans of space opera, a compelling story that examines the lengths a man can go to fight for the love of his life. An unforgettable and entertaining science fiction, this novel is packed with action and animated by the author’s superior storytelling and rich imagination. The setting in Zeus Station is vividly imagined and stunningly executed, a world with advanced technology, where communication between members of the society can be passed through the chip in their body. While not stylist, the novel features dazzling prose, memorable characters, and pacing that ramps up faster through each page. The premise is compelling and it is not long before the reader is immersed in the intrigue and the tire-burning speed the action takes. The protagonist is a relentless man who has to face the impossible in order to get the truth about the love of his life. You’ll love this taut science fiction, the expert handling of intrigue and conflict, and most importantly, the intelligent manner in which the author explores the climates of a heart in love. The evocative writing left a powerful spell on me and fans of Forgotten Colony will be equally delighted.
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