First Spells (Vianne Sands Book 1)

First Spells (Vianne Sands Book 1)
A dark tale of witches, ghosts and magic.

Vianne’s life has never been normal. She sees ghosts and she has an affinity for magic. Now that she’s twelve, her magic is getting stronger and her life is about to get even stranger — and more dangerous.

Vianne has been raised by her single mum, Andrea, and knows very little of her other relatives. What she does know is that her mother is terrified by her witch sister, Suzanne. When Vianne’s grandmother becomes seriously ill, Andrea wants to be reunited with her mother, but this is the occasion Aunt Suzanne has been waiting for.

Vianne must learn about magic fast, but she has only a cat and a ghost to help her. $0.99 on Kindle.

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